About me

My name is Osvaldo Orozco, iam 23 years old and i am from Mexico, i have 5 years working with models and textures, always using 3ds max as my favourite modelling tool.

About the photos

This is an example or my work, mostly militar stuff, i do this as hobbie, and i still doing this as a hobbie, i can call myself a "Freelance" artist.

About the site

In this wesite, you can see the progress of my skills and dedication, i worked with Overkill 2 and currently with Squad Force as Lead 3D artist and Electroshift as 3D modeller , my tecnique is.


-Sub-D modelling

-Hard surface modelling (No sub-d)

-Low poly optimization

-Unwrap Uvs


-Natural lighting (Diffuse,Gloss,Specular,Normal,Cavity and AO)

-Old Gen textures (Static Light)


Other names (Sandman, The Edge)

Experience with 3ds max, Photoshop.

Also i have experience with UI for games, such icons.

You can contact me at my email. makinmagic2@hotmail.com

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